Secrets to Aging Gracefully: Researchers Uncover Factors Linked to Optimal Aging

The researchers of a new study aimed to identify the key factors that lead to successful or optimal aging. They followed over 7,000 middle-aged and older Canadians for approximately three years and found that those who were female, married, physically active, not obese, had higher incomes, had never smoked, and did not have insomnia, heart disease, or arthritis were more likely to maintain excellent health and avoid disabling cognitive, physical, or emotional problems.

What contributes to successful aging? A study conducted on over 7,000 middle-aged and older Canadians for about three years sought to determine the factors that are associated with good health and well-being as we age.

They found that those who were female, physically active or married and not obese, those who had ever smoked and had a higher income,  and who did not have insomnia, heart disease, or arthritis, were more likely to have excellent health across the study period and less likely to raise disabling cognitive, physical, or any emotional problems.

“Mabel Ho, a doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto’s Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work (FSW) and the Institute of Life Course and Aging, stated that they were pleasantly surprised to discover that over 70% of their study participants maintained good health throughout the study. This emphasizes the value of approaching aging and older adults from a strengths-based perspective rather than a deficiency-based one. The media and research often overlook the positive aspects and only concentrate on the challenges.”

The prevalence of successful aging varied significantly based on the age of the respondents at the start of the study. Of those who were between 55 and 64 years old at the beginning of the study, 75% maintained excellent health throughout the study period. Among those who were 80 years or older, about half remained in excellent health.

Those are some Tips to follow :


1. Be Kind to Your Skin: A new study aimed to uncover the key factors that contribute to successful or optimal aging by following more than 7,000 middle-aged and older adults. Taking care of your skin is essential to age gracefully. Make sure you protect your skin from the sun, use moisturizers and other skin care products, and eat a healthy diet rich in antioxidants.

2. Visit Your OB-GYN Annually: Women should visit their OB-GYN annually for a checkup. As you age, your body changes, and it’s important to have a doctor monitor any changes and provide advice on how to remain healthy.

3. Reduce Stress: Aim to move for at least 30 minutes daily. Exercise helps to reduce stress and improve overall health. Dr. Pinkerton says you can even disperse it over small increments throughout the day to make it feel more manageable.

4. Lose Just a Little Bit of Weight: As you age, it’s important to make sure that your weight stays within a healthy range. If you’re overweight, even shedding just a few pounds can make a big difference in your overall health.

5. Take Stock: Evaluating how you’re feeling and if you’re doing all that you can to stay healthy is important when it comes to aging gracefully. Ask yourself if there are any areas of your life that you’d like to improve


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