New Apple : iPhone 15 Price Will Shock you

According to a report by industry insider yeux1122, Apple may lower the prices of its upcoming iPhone 15 models due to underwhelming sales of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. The company’s internal analysis reportedly showed that the decline in sales for these models was “far beyond the range predicted,” even considering the impact of the pandemic on component shortages. This news follows previous leaks about potential upgrades and price increases for the iPhone 15 range.

“The most concerning issue is the price,” the insider reports. This checks out. The $899 iPhone 14 Or more expenses just $100 not exactly the iPhone 14 Master, despite having a sub-par show, chipset, camera, and more established plan. With most purchasers spreading buy costs north of a two-year transporter contract, the motivation to go In addition rather than Ace is negligible.

Yeux1122 says Apple has investigated a few choices to counter this, including decreasing the contrast between iPhone 15 norm and Master model elements, however, presumed that more forceful evaluating for standard models is the most probable methodology.

One potential solution to the pricing issue with the iPhone 14 Plus would be to reduce the price of the iPhone 15 Plus by $100 to $799, which would also lower the price of the iPhone 15 to $699. This would make the iPhone 14, which would still be available for sale, cost $599. However, this price point may cause the sales of the $429 iPhone SE to suffer, leading to reports that Apple is considering discontinuing the 2023 iPhone SE.


According to Liu, the demand for 3nm chips is high, and the mass production of these chips is the result of a long-term collaboration with the local supply chain. Liu also mentioned that tests have shown that 3nm chips will use 35% less power than 5nm chips, making them more efficient. Samsung Foundry has already released the first 3nm chips for cryptocurrency mining, but TSMC’s 3nm chips will be the first to be used in consumer devices. Apple is expected to receive priority access to the majority of TSMC’s 3nm chip production. As a result, the M2 chips in the upcoming MacBook Pro refresh will likely be the first to use this technology in the first quarter.

Yeux1122 cites a new top-of-the-line iPhone model called the iPhone 15 Ultra is expected to be even more expensive than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, yeux1122 also claims that Apple plans to differentiate the iPhone 15 Ultra from the iPhone 15 Pro with various material and camera differences, including a titanium chassis and dual front cameras. These details align with previous reports about the features of the iPhone 15 Ultra.
It may come as a surprise that Apple is reportedly considering price cuts for the iPhone 15, as previous leaks have indicated that the company plans to increase prices for most models. However, yeux1122 has a track record of accurately leaking information that goes against the consensus. For example, in March, the insider contradicted claims that the iPhone 14 would have thinner bezels than the iPhone 13, and one week later, leaked schematics confirmed this. In August, yeux1122 correctly predicted that Apple would not raise prices for the iPhone 14, despite widespread reports to the contrary. In September, the leaker also shared images of iPhone 14 Plus cases that proved rumors of “iPhone 14 Max” branding were incorrect.
The iPhone 15 Ultra may still be the most expensive iPhone ever released, but buyers of the standard iPhone 15 models may not have to pay as much as previously expected. This suggests that the prices of the standard iPhone 15 models may be lower than anticipated.


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